Watch Korean Dramas Online as Much as You Can in These 6 Applications, Guaranteed for Free!

Watch Korean Dramas Online as Much as You Can in These 6 Applications, Guaranteed for Free!

Watch Korean Dramas Online as Much as You Can in These 6 Applications, Guaranteed for Free!

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It’s no secret that the entertainment world in Indonesia or even the world in recent years has been decorated with stars from South Korea. How not, many of today’s young people, especially in Indonesia, are infatuated with the entertainment work from the land of ginseng.

From the film scene to music, South Korea is able to attract the interest of its lovers with the work it produces. The South Korean music and film genre, known as K-Drama and K-Pop, has also succeeded in giving color to the popular culture of young Indonesians today.

What is surprising is, the drama series from South Korea is not only in demand by women only. Gradually, not a few men who began to like entertainment. The rise of K-Pop and K-Drama broadcasting in Indonesian television also managed to attract a number of new enthusiasts of various ages.

Considering enthusiasts from Korean dramas are full, there is no doubt that many people are competing to find ways to watch it online. If you are among the lovers of the drama and want to know how to watch K-drama to your heart’s content. Here are 6 applications that can make you more fond.

6 Latest Korean Drama Watch Applications
1. Satisfy Your Desire to Watch Korean Drama Online on the Kocowa Application

For lovers of Korean drama may be familiar with Kocowa. Yes, Kocowa is an application on a popular computer that can be used to watch Korean dramas.

Well, some time ago, Kocowa tried to attract the interest of its users even more by releasing applications that can be installed on Android. That way, you can see your favorite Korean drama shows right on your smartphone, anywhere and anytime.

In addition to meeting the needs of its users, the Kocowa application also has advantages over other similar applications. These advantages are the minute reminder feature. With this feature, you can stop watching K-drama in the middle of the film and continue later without the hassle of remembering the last minute.

For example, if you’re watching Korean drama and suddenly have to do something important. Well, you can immediately close the Kocowa application and do the activity. When finished and reopen the Kocowa application, you will be immediately at the same minute when closing the application.

Despite these advantages, the Kocowa application also applies a subscription system to its users. So, there are several K-drama titles that you can only watch when you have subscribed to the Kocowa app.

2. Free to Choose Korean Drama through the Snaptube Application

Snaptube is a free application to watch K-drama without having to spend a little. In order to watch Korean dramas through Snaptube, all you have to do is download or install it via the official website. Although not available on Playstore, the Snaptube application is guaranteed safe.

Various features and advantages possessed by the Snaptube application are:

Can choose the genre of Korean drama you want to watch.
That way, you don’t have to bother looking for spectacle references because you can directly filter them by genre.

Able to download videos from other platforms.
You can also download various videos on Youtube very easily. So, not only do you get the chance to watch your favorite Korean drama, but you can also save interesting YouTube videos.

Diverse language or subtitle translations.
So, the language you want displayed as subtitles can be determined by yourself.

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