Total Wealth Reached IDR 5 Trillion, Here Is the Source of Wealth Actor Keanu Reeves Handsome

Total Wealth Reached IDR 5 Trillion, Here Is the Source of Wealth Actor Keanu Reeves Handsome

Total Wealth Reached IDR 5 Trillion, Here Is the Source of Wealth Actor Keanu Reeves Handsome

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The name of Hollywood’s favorite handsome actor Keanu Reeves is back in the spotlight after years of being known to be single. Keanu Reeves finally reportedly established a romantic relationship and took his new girlfriend Alexandra Grant on the Red Carpet Has Fans Feeling Joyous event in America on October 6, 2019.

It has become a topic of discussion for many people today, with the current love news not only making netizens ‘kepo’ with the figure of his new lover but also returning to find interesting things from the actor himself, like his new films, his business to the amount of wealth of the John Wick’s cast.

Speaking of wealth, of course being the most popular artist in the world today, it’s no wonder Keanu Reeves managed to become one of the 20 highest earning actors in the world in 2019 forbes. But not enough to be an actor, Keanu Reeves also has several other sources to add to the rubble of his wealth.

1. Film Action Series

Keanu Reeves is known for his success when playing in the film Action-Fiction Matrix as Neo in 1999. The film became the best film of the year and even years before. Making Keanu Reeves one of the most popular actors at that time.

Because of its popularity, this matrix film has also reached its 4th series this year. Reportedly, Keanu Reeves has managed to collect up to $ 250 million or Rp3.5 trillion ‘only’ from the trilogy series. Entering the 4th series, of course this number could increase when the Matrix 4 series was released.

Besides Matrix, the film series he is also known to play John Wick in the film with the same title. Once again being the main character in the famous film series, of course, makes Keanu Reeves not difficult to win the title as one of the highest paid actors in the world version of Forbes for 2019.

John Wick initially only projected the film ‘low budget’ from Lions Gate, but the presence of Keeu Reeves as his main role was the one who made this film with ‘low’ production costs managed to become a box office class alongside other box office films labeled with costs production is 4 times greater than John Wick.

Thanks to the success of Keanu playing his role as John Wick, this film has also reached the third series this year and there has even been discussions for the John Wick series 4 project. For the John Wick series 3 Keanu is indeed not paid high only around $ 1 million or Rp140 million.

However, the profits from the John Wick film which reached $ 169 million or which delivered it to become the most successful actor and one of the richest this year, considering Keanu also took part in investing for production costs in this film series.

2. Become a Producer

Keanu’s love for acting is indeed not half-measures, starting from being willing to be paid half of the payment that is supposed to improve the quality of film production that involves him. Keanu also tried to be a producer. With Keanu’s experience in the film industry which has been more than a decade old, it’s no wonder that many of the films and series he produced are as successful as his name.

Films and TV series that have been produced by Keanu Reeves are Knock Knock, Siberia and Replicas for films. Rain, The Bruce Lee Project, and The Continental for the TV series.

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