The Right Marketing Management Strategy: Attracted Consumers, Your Business Fast Forward

The Right Marketing Management Strategy: Attracted Consumers, Your Business Fast Forward

The Right Marketing Management Strategy: Attracted Consumers, Your Business Fast Forward

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Every company that produces goods or services definitely needs the right marketing management strategy. With this strategy, the company’s goals and objectives can be achieved as expected.

Marketing management has a vital role in an organization or company. From Wikipedia, the notion of marketing management is the process of setting marketing goals for an organization (taking into account internal resources and market opportunities), planning, and carrying out activities to meet certain goals, and measuring progress towards achieving them.

In marketing management, there are five important concepts:

1. Concept of Production

This one concept is a conventional concept that is widely adopted by companies with a stable management system. Therefore, mass production is preferred to reduce production costs. In addition, distribution costs were also combed. That way, the selling price of the product or service can be cheaper.

Understandably, many consumers are more oriented to low prices rather than quality. But there are certain consumers who don’t care if they have to spend more to get a good quality product or service.

2. Product Concept

In producing goods or services, companies strive to prioritize quality. So consumers trust and return to buy the company’s products. One thing to know, quality will affect the price. “There is a price, there is a way.”

In addition to quality and price, the company’s goods or services must also have advantages or characteristics of competitors’ products. The concept of the product must be carefully thought out, how the product carried has its own strengths.

3. Sales Concept

After the product is ready, the quality and quantity are adequate, the selling price has been set, the next in marketing management is known as the sales concept. The company must have a sales method or strategy that is appropriate to the target.

Selling products, influencing consumers so interested in buying. If you need to sell products aggressively with a ball pick-up system, door to door. Promotions by the company can also make consumers smitten buy.

But once the promotion is eliminated, consumers will move to another heart. Use competitors’ products or services. But in this sales concept, customer satisfaction and loyalty are often not too ignored.

4. Marketing Concepts

Consumers are everything for companies that embrace this concept. Consumer needs will really be a priority. The company will make time to interact and listen to consumers’ voice more.

Research or surveys are often done before deciding the production and marketing process. The main focus is on added value to differentiate it from fellow competitors.

5. General Marketing Concepts

In this concept, the company is not only profit oriented, but pay attention to its benefits for others. The company believes that business will be successful if consumers are satisfied and the products or services produced have an impact on both consumers and the wider community.

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