Million Dollar More Business

Million Dollar More Business

Million Dollar More Business

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The Lebanese-born actor in 1964 turned out to have a business that was “as cool” as himself. Hobbies and love collecting large VIP-class motorbikes such as Harley Davidson made Keanu Reeves also open their own moge business with consumer segmentation of conglomerate classes.

By the name of Arch Motorcycle Company, LLC. Arch Motorcycle Company. This business owned by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger has been established since 2011. The California-based company makes motorcycles with a minimum price of USD 78 or around Rp1, 1 billion. The flagship model is KRGT-1 or ‘Keanu Reeves GT, Model 1’ which produces 121 horsepower.

Keanu’s motorbike business is focused on design and comfort, for that each model of each series is not produced too much (limited). Because it is the sense of exclusivity that makes the Keanu Reeves moge business a favorite of rare and expensive motorcycle collectors in the world.

Faces of Various Famous Brands in the World

Handsome and popular, of course who doesn’t want to use Keanu Reeves as their brand Ambasaddor product. Reaffirming its position as a high-class actor, only top-class brands also managed to hook his name like Saint Laurent and Xbox.


Known as an actor who is not only handsome and talented but Keanu is also known as a fairly wise and simple celebrity in an industry known for his luxury. Even Keanu had experienced dark times and depression in his career.

It was bitter experiences that not only shaped him as a simple figure in the eyes of the media but were also reflected in his other hobby, namely reading. Keanu often said on various occasions that reading books helped him in overcoming the depression he was facing. It was from the hobby of reading that Keanu was inspired to become a writer for books called ‘Ode to My Happiness’ and ‘Shadow’

Both of these books mostly tell stories from their own life experiences. These two books also won a lot of hearts not only by the fans themselves but also other book lovers. Ode to My Happiness won the title of Best Seller when it was first published in 2011 as well as Shadow in 2015.

Although wandering with treasure, Keanu Reeves still lives a simple life
Various extraordinary nicknames have been carried by Keanu, from being the most expensive Actor, the richest Actor and a successful Entrepreneur does not necessarily make Keanu an artist figure who remains humble and doesn’t like to spree.

Keanu is often caught on camera by both reporters and fans who are using public facilities to travel everywhere such as trains. Keanu has also been caught using economy class flights when he wants to take a vacation abroad. No shame in showing his modest behavior made his fans fall in love but also made him a role model.

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