How to Request a Work Recommendation Letter

How to Request a Work Recommendation Letter

How to Request a Work Recommendation Letter

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Once you have resigned from the company, do not wait too long to ask for a letter of work recommendation. If necessary, before you leave the old office, when you are separated from your boss, friends in all divisions, including HRD, you can immediately ‘shoot’ to request a recommendation letter.

You also have to actively ask ‘news’ on the recommendation letter, whether or not it’s done. If you don’t move fast, you can forget. You are busy, they are busy.

All you need to remember, get a work recommendation letter is your right. Do not let them even make it difficult for you to get the letter. A good company or former colleague will not stall his friend’s rights.

How to request a work recommendation letter:

1. Ask the people you know

If you have worked and are directly responsible to supervisors, managers, directors, just ask them for a letter of recommendation. The reason is, they have directly supervised your performance. They know the quality of your work.

Especially if you already know close. It will be easier to ask for a letter of work recommendation. But usually a work recommendation letter is made or issued by the HRD. That is their job.

Example Work Recommendation Letter

To the company where Andi Pratama works. We issued this recommendation letter based on an assessment of performance, discipline, character and good attitude and loyalty of Andi Pratama’s brother for 7 years working at PT Maju Mundur with the last position as Manager of Resource and Development. This letter was issued in order to be taken into consideration for those concerned to apply for the company.

We are sure that Andi Andi will give the same thing to the company where Andi Andi will work later.

This statement is thus made so that it can be used properly.

Director of PT. Back and forth,

Anton Jaya

* Source of sample work recommendation letter above:

Establish Good Relationships with Colleagues
This is the importance of having a good relationship with your coworkers. If you need help, they are ready to help. One of them made a work recommendation letter.

Don’t just think about the quality and quantity of your work without regard for your surroundings. It is also necessary to establish good communication and friendship for the sake of life balance.

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