How to Avoid Cashback Fraud

How to Avoid Cashback Fraud

How to Avoid Cashback Fraud

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Actually, e-commerce currently has an adequate security system to protect users when making transactions. If there is fraud or violation, including fraud like this, the system will read the discrepancy. Then the e-commerce will be explored further, so as to confirm the perpetrators of crime. Cooperating with the police.

However, you as a user or consumer need to be vigilant so as not to become a victim of this cashback fraud. How to avoid cashback fraud, is:

1. Shopping at e-commerce or online stores that have joint accounts

Before buying an item, find out first whether your chosen e-commerce has a joint account. For example on behalf of Bukalapak or Tokopedia. That way, all transactions will go to the account. The e-commerce party will transfer money to the seller and to the courier after the item arrives at the user.

So you will only pay for the number of transactions that are already listed on the order receipt. Once billed other fees, such as cashback fees should be suspected. Especially to japri-japrian with the seller through WhatsApp and ask for the transfer of money to a personal account. It’s definitely a fraud

2. Always confirm the cashback notification that you can

If you receive a cashback promo notification through the official e-commerce application or digital wallet, it is certain that it is genuine. But if you get it via SMS or email, even broadcast in the whatsapp group, you should confirm again to the e-commerce or digital wallet company. Worried it’s a fake cashback promo.

Moreover, the notification or message is inserted in a link to be clicked in order to get a cashback promo, don’t click once in a while. If you click on it, you are worried that your personal data will be retrieved and you will become a victim of web-phishing.

3. Don’t be easily tempted by big cashback promos

For the sake of cheaper shopping, sometimes people are willing to do anything to be tempted by promos from online stores that are not clear. Including large cashback of up to 100%. That is the way the perpetrators of crimes ensnare their victims.

The intention is to buy goods more economically because you can get cashback, you know, it’s not true. Once the money has been transferred to the seller’s account, there is no cashback, the goods are not sent or arrived at home. Instead of being lucky, even stumps were tricked under the guise of cashback.

Don’t Be Negligent and Increase Caution
Have you ever been a victim of cashback fraud? It’s annoying Therefore, start being a smart consumer. It’s not easy to believe the cashback promo, even if it’s tempting.

Shopping online is indeed easier and cheaper, but don’t be negligent because crime can happen to anyone and at any time. So, keep increasing your awareness.

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