Don’t Be Confused, These Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance

Don’t Be Confused, These Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance

Don’t Be Confused, These Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance

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Choosing health insurance for yourself and your family does need consideration. Not only in terms of cost but also health services that will be guaranteed. Of course, choosing health insurance must fit your needs and budget.

Even though there is a Health Insurance Administering Agency (BPJS), having health insurance is just as important. The aim is to complement health insurance. If there is a disease that is not covered by BPJS, then health insurance can cover it.

Currently, there are many health insurance products in circulation. Each product offers its own advantages. Including the amount of premium. There are very affordable to the most expensive.

This premium will affect the health insurance you will receive. Still, you must be observant in choosing the right and best health insurance products for families, so that the benefits you get are maximum.

1. Don’t be rash about accepting cash plan product offers

There are many types of insurance. One of them is a cash plan product. The policyholder is promised a reimbursement fund if he is ill and must be hospitalized. The amount of funds depends on the initial decision when purchasing insurance products. The premiums are usually cheaper.

For example, a policyholder with dengue fever must be hospitalized for 3 days. Per day, the value of the inpatient room cover is IDR 2 million. Then the cash plan policy holder gets a reimbursement fund of Rp2 million multiplied by 5 days. That is Rp. 10 million.

But that’s all that is covered. While hospitalization in addition to room bills, there are other costs such as medicines, doctor fees, not to mention if you have to check blood in the laboratory, specialist doctors, and others. That is not seen in the type of cash plan insurance.

While appropriate health insurance is not only the cost of the room covered, but also these bills even though there are limits or ceilings. For example the cost of medicine per day, ceiling of Rp. 500 thousand, specialist doctors Rp. 500 thousand, or others.

2. Choose family insurance

If you are married and have children, buy an insurance policy for all family members. One policy is the same. This will save the cost of insurance premiums every month and good for the health insurance of your wife / husband and your children. More practical right, than each policy.

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