Again Applying for Work? Come on, Prepare a Work Recommendation Letter

Again Applying for Work? Come on, Prepare a Work Recommendation Letter

Again Applying for Work? Come on, Prepare a Work Recommendation Letter

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Are you applying for a job? You definitely need a job recommendation letter. Although not all companies demand these conditions, but there is no harm in you preparing a letter of work recommendation.

Work recommendation letters can be interpreted as letters made and issued officially by an agency or company. The contents explained that the applicant deserved to get a job.

Usually made for applicants who incidentally are former employees in the company. The employee resigns and requires a letter of work recommendation.

A job recommendation letter can also be made by a lecturer if you are a student who has just graduated and wants to apply for a job.

This letter was made or issued by a company leader, HRD, or lecturer based on an assessment of the performance of the employee or student while working in a company or studying at a college.

Fill in the work recommendation letter information
The contents of a work recommendation letter are actually simple. Making it easy for the company. It’s just asking it to the previous company need in advance. The reason is because the company leadership or the HRD are busy.

The recommendation letter contains the following information:

1. Information of the maker and applicant of work recommendation letter

The contents of the work recommendation letter at the top begin by stating the information of the letter maker, such as the name, employee identification number, position, and company name.

It can also be directly created by the company’s direct leadership, such as the President Director if you are very close to him. Or have worked directly under it.

After that, followed by information on the applicant or former employee. The information states the name and address.

As an example:

We, the undersigned:

Which in this case is acting on behalf of PT XYZ.

Provide recommendations for our former employees or staff:

2. The purpose of issuing a work recommendation letter

In the next paragraph, state the purpose of making or issuing a work recommendation letter for the new office that will accept you.

In addition, a job recommendation letter will usually include an author or author’s assessment of your performance or performance. Mention also the length of time working in the company, along with the last position he held.

As an example:

To both the company and Mr. Sulaiman’s place of work later. We issued this recommendation letter based on an assessment of performance, discipline, and the dedication and loyalty of Mr. Sulaiman during his 5 years working at PT XYZ with his last position as Finance Manager.

3. Optimistic statement from the work recommendation letter grantor

At the end, the author or author of a work recommendation letter shows optimism that the applicant or his former employee can make the same contribution to the new company.

As an example:

We are sure that Sulaiman Iskandar will give the same thing to the company where you work later.

4. Closing

In closing, written concluding sentences such as other formal letters. Followed by the place and date when the letter was issued, and the signature of the recommendation provider.

As an example:

This statement is thus made so that it can be used properly.

Best regards,

Medina Amira

HRD Director.

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