Accelerate Promo

Accelerate Promo

Accelerate Promo

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Every 3 months, IHG Rewards Club will hold attractive promo events for its members to collect points faster through the Accelerate program. The way to get points from this promo program is that you must complete a challenge or challenge addressed to your IHG account.

Here is one example of an exciting mission to get more points from this promo:

points after downloading the IHG app via mobile.
points after completing a 3 night stay at any IHG property.
points for staying 2 nights at InterContinental hotels and resorts in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.
points for staying 2 times using the “Your Rate” special discount for IHG members.
points for successfully completing the 4 challenges above.
Mattress Run
Having the same concept as the Accelerate Promo, Mattress Run will give you interesting missions to be able to get IHG points faster and more at once. Its mission is to stay at a particular hotel to get points with the loyalty program of the phone.

Designated hotels also vary, you can wait until the cheapest prices get their turn. It doesn’t have to be a really ‘overnight’ thing that is important You just need to check in and check out on time to claim your points.

For example, you can get 57,000 points for staying 4 times at Holiday Inn Express when the Mattress Run promo. If not, usually the points gained are only around 30,000 – 50,000 points.

Credit card
Using a credit card is one of the most common ways to get points. But unfortunately not many credit cards work with IHG Rewards Club. Citibank is the only bank that cooperates with IHG Rewards Club in Indonesia.

With a credit card from Citibank, you can exchange IHG points that have been collected into miles to get discounts or free flight tickets on Singapore Airlines.

Buy Direct IHG Rewards Club Points
You can buy IHG points for US $ 13.50 / 1,000 points. Points purchase is only valid for a total of 1000. IHG also often offers bonus points promos where you can get 200,000 IHG ​​points for US $ 1,000.

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